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Swedish Minister for Climate and the Environment and Deputy Prime Minister visiting Lund demo site

The Swedish Minister for Climate and the Environment, and Deputy Prime Minister, Åsa Romson visited Lund in May to learn more about different environment and climate projects in the city.

 One of the projects she visited was the CITyFiED Lund demo site.

The retrofitting of Linero district focuses on reaching a higher energy standard with maintained affordability for the tenants. In Lund the project will retrofit two blocks with 16 buildings and create more environmentally friendly dwellings. The aim is that the buildings shall use 31 % less energy, that the district heating will be 93 % fossil free and the greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 26 %.

  • The energy issue is crucial for developing a sustainable society, says Sylivia Michel, CEO at Kraftringen, one of four partners in CITyFiED Lund. The goal for CITyFiED is to contribute to a sustainable urban development and to the environmental goals in Sweden and EU, and we are pleased that the Minister for Climate and the Environment has shown interest for CITyFiED and what we are doing in Lund.

The minister was given a guided tour on the demo site led by Anders Bröthlin from Kraftringen and Håkan Nilsson from LKF, who explained about the different energy efficiency measures that will be carried out. Besides façade renovation and improved building envelope and ventilation with heat recovery, the actions includes improved and renewable district heating with sub stations with smart controlling. Visualization of energy usage for tenants and individual metering and smart electrical grid architecture will increase the awareness of energy use. Solar panels will be installed on the roofs and provide locally produced sustainable energy and a there will also be a fast charger station for electrical vehicles.

  • Maximization of the replication potential is one of the project’s strategy pillars and an important part of the project is being able to share the models we are developing with other cities. Thus we are very pleased to get the opportunity to display what we do in Lund for politicians also on a national level, says Markus Paulsson, energy strategist at city of Lund and project coordinator at CITyFiED Lund.


May 21st, 2015