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In the Spotlight: Mir Unique Solutions


Mir Unique Solutions is a company of Mir Holding Group located in İstanbul (Turkey). The group develops and licenses technologies in various disciplines. 

The main principle of the company consists of a project-based execution of all their activities thanks to their expertise in technology and information management. Mir collaborates with various universities and academics primarily in order to enhance the opportunities at each project.

All R&D studies of the company are defined and performed as individual projects. Specialists from various disciplines (Mechanical Eng., Chemical Eng., Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science Eng., Agricultural Eng., Electronics Eng., Food Engineering etc.) take part in these studies. This working habit brings synergism and leads to genuine ideas.


Aliihsan Koca  Department Leader, Thermo-Fluid and Energy Research: “We’re delighted to be bringing our extensive research work up to a full-scale implementation within the CITyFiED project. Notably, some game-changing composite district heating system pipes with significantly more longevity, chemical strength and pressure resistance, along with a novel heating and cooling system to be worked with district heating more efficiently



Aliihsan Koca