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In the Spotlight: Reengen

Reengen is a smart grid company that develops solutions for smarter buildings and smarter grid. 

The power of the Reengen comes from its invaluable merits; complementary core competencies of team members, belief in success, creating inspiration and the vision on disruptive clean energy technologies. Reengen is the developer of Provolta Energy Operating System which is the core technology for the smart grid, the future of energy sector.  The solution is being applied to make tangible energy efficiency gains at the demonstration site in Soma, Turkey. It will provide residents with actionable intelligence, real-time energy and condition monitoring and improving asset performance by optimization and predictive maintenance of HVAC equipment.

Reengen uses data science centric technology employing machine learning algorithms and a physics-based modeling of connected equipment and buildings to make this a truly state of the art solution being deployed within the project. Provolta is also scalable and cloud-based making it a suitable asset for replication. 


Burak Sefer: “Combining technological developments with existing problems on energy sector increases the significance of a big energy transformation called Smart Grid. Buildings and grid have to get ready for such a revolution on energy sector.



Burak Sefer