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Relevant, pertinent, applicable – a pathway to replication and exploitation for CITyFiED

With such a wide range of expertise and activities generated by the project, exploitation leader, Aude Pélisson-Schecker and Valerie Bahr of Steinbeis Europa-Zentrum have been busy from day one. Beginning with a hands-on exploitation workshop at the first project meeting, the process of identifying and refining CITyFiED assets has been non-stop. 

A toolkit of expertise was presented to the consortium, consisting of three pillars: innovative technologies, design and strategies; and models. As project results mature and accumulate, a range of toolkits to support delivery on each of these areas will be made available – in particular to the community of cities involved in the project.  Also outlined at the meeting was further information and tools to help project members. This included an ongoing ‘tech watch’ service, advice on navigating intellectual property issues, market access and outreach.

Project coordinator Ali Vasallo expressed his satisfaction at the progress and collaboration on-hand in advance and during the meeting – and especially that this gathering could take place around the Turkish demo-site. “This is a large-scale, multi-country demonstration project; including the largest residential renovation site in Europe at 140,000m2. These are real world scenarios, delivery real world solutions to complex energy and environment problems. I am pleased to see the project gaining real momentum now”.

Concerning the projects ambition to replicate initiatives as widely as possible he continued, “Vitally, our results are proven solutions. Our objective is to now continue the good work and make these available to cities around Europe. CITyFiED outputs must be a cost-saver and time-saver to local authorities and partnerships looking to become smarter cities… and I think we are well on track to do that at scale.”