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What’s new on the social web?

Social media to establish and sustain the CITyFiED online reputation and to provide stakeholders dedicated channels to communicate about the project.

CITyFiED started with an aim: empower the results produced by exploiting all available communication channels, with a strong emphasis on the use of social media. Since the kick-off-meeting of the project, we have launched the hashtag “#cityfied” to begin the conversation about the project officially. The launch of the Twitter account @cityfied_eu came with the publication of the project website: you can find a quick link to the Twitter account at the top of the CITyFiED website homepage:

The visual identity of the account mirrors the one of the project website, focusing on the demo-sites and on the smart city concepts: the CITyFiED logo appears as profile picture while a skyline of a smart city has been designed as cover picture.

Twitter is being used in view of positioning the project among EU-funded Smart Cities projects, with tweets in English language and an official tone of voice. Every meeting and official event CITyFiED will participate to will end with a narrative packaged in the following format and will have an echo on Twitter:

You can receive the CITyFiED newsletter as well as other project information by simply registering to the CITyFiED website using your LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account, after allowing CITyFiED to access them.

All articles published on the CITyFiED web site are equipped with social web buttons, to facilitate sharing with your colleagues, friends and other contacts via social media or e-mail through “mailto”.

The next Newsletter will also cover the launch of the CITyFiED Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Keep on reading about CITyFiED and engage with the project on social media.