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Ayuntamiento de Laguna de Duero

Laguna de Duero, in the province of Valladolid, is situated 7 km away from Valladolid City. Its height above sea level is 702 meters and its surface is about 269,128 square meters.

It is next to a lagoon that once was salty and attracted the first inhabitants in order to exploit its salt. Currently, it has a growing population around 25,000 inhabitants.

Laguna de Duero is known for being a municipality in constant growth with infrastructure development in line with its growing population. Laguna de Duero, surrounded by pine woods and bathed by Duero river, has a privileged location that once led to the abundance of fountains and wellsprings. Today, most of them have been fallen in disuse or they have been abandoned. At present, the most important of them is 'Fuente de San Pedro Regalado' at the place known as 'El Abrojo'.

The municipality is experiencing substantial demographic, urban and social change over the last years that has contributed to expansion of municipal services and the construction of new buildings and roads, representing a significant change in the recent history of Laguna de Duero.

The current Mayor is Luis Muñoz Minguela.



Ms. Beatriz González Miranda