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18 partners representing multiple stakeholders across 5 European countries

The CITyFiED project is coordinated by Fundación CARTIF (Boecillo-Valladolid) and the whole consortium is represented by 18 partners across 5 different European Countries.

Three municipalities are involved as partners, LAGUNA DE DUERO (Valladolid), LUND and SOMA. This reflects a clear orientation of the project towards a SMART CITES and COMMUNITIES project.

Five research institutions are involved: CARTIF, project coordinator, holds an established reputation in coordinating similar FP7 projects; IVL, the Swedish Environmental Institute, is a research center with skills on energy efficient buildings, energy systems and environmental and sustainability evaluation. Tubitak-MAM holds expertise in designing and optimizing district heating networks and in smart grid architectures implementation. ITU, the Technical University of Istanbul, brings expertise in the development of strategies for energy efficient building design and energy performance modelling on buildings at district level. TECNALIA holds wide experience in projects dealing with ICT, smart grids, electric and thermal energy solutions and energy efficiency in buildings.

Nine industrial partners bring knowledge and expertise for the market deployment of the CITyFiED results. These include large companies, such as ACCIONA (Construction Sector), VEOLIA (Energy Services Company), LKF (Housing Company), KRAFTRINGEN ENERGI (utility) and SOMA-SEAS (Thermal plant owner), but also SMEs, including MONDRAGON (Technology provider group of ICTs and innovative energy equipment), I. ACUSTICA (retrofitting experts) and MIR AR-Ge.

The consortium is completed by STEINBEIS EUROPA ZENTRUM, who is dedicated to ensure the replicability of the results through the deployment of a tailored market plan and by YOURIS.COM, leader in the dissemination and communication of the leading-edge European innovation via TV media and the web.