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CITyFiED Methodology for Low Temperature District Heating (LTDH) systems for residential buildings

CITyFiED has enabled an extensive implementation of a novel technology that makes possible to use low-temperature energy sources for heating living spaces.

A few examples of these sources - also called low-exergy sources – are geothermal springs, solar collectors, heat pumps or waste heat derived from secondary or tertiary processes of industrial or power plants, which is the case utilised in Turkish demonstration site of CITyFiED project. These low-quality energy sources are not feasible for power generation, but their temperature levels are within the perfect range for radiant heating systems in buildings.

Low-temperature district heating (LTDH) panels are implemented on the interior walls of a selected set of buildings of demo site and their effectiveness on thermal comfort will be monitored. This study will present helpful tool to decision-makers for designing the future’s healthy and comfortable homes.


Download the Infopack on CITyFiED methodology for LTDH systems for residential buildings



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