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More than 70 kWh/m2yr of energy savings and at least 13,000 tons of CO2 emissions reduction

A big impact across Europe is intended to be achieved by the project results. One of the main targets and outcomes of the project will be the elaboration of a sound and feasible replication plan. It is intended that at least 10 representative European cities and a relevant number of stakeholders will be involved in the project through the CITyFiED City Cluster.

Dissemination, knowledge exchange, benchmarking actions, deployment of project results in other European cities are only some of the main expected impacts of the CITyFiED project: moreover, training and information for the participation of the future users of retrofitted demo sites will be a core point of the dissemination strategies that will spur the impact of the project.


CITyFiED means achieving more than 2,300 dwellings retrofitting actions, for saving more than 70 kWh/m2yr of energy and avoiding at least 13,000 tons of CO2 emissions


The expansion of the total potential of the project results is expected to lead to the implementation of more than 10 new projects for district retrofitting around Europe, with a new business potential close to 200 M€ and expectations for employment generation higher than 1,000 new jobs.



Direct Impact through the demonstratorsImpact beyond the project through the replication plan
Investment mobilized39,000,000 €200,000,000 €
Number of dwellings retrofitted2,32830,000
m2 retrofitted252,9803,000,000
Citizens involved7,250100,000
Tons of COemissions avoided13,780200,000
N° of companies involved1650
Employment creation951,000
N° of stakeholders contacted in dissemination300100,000
N° of people involved in education and training7501,000
Average energy savings (kWh/m2yr)7370
Average savings (%)50%50%